Chess: Beginnings

I started up a new hobby that has replaced most of my other competitive gaming pursuits (although I did go to TI7, keeping my streak alive of being at all the best internationals).

That new hobby is chess. I’m not sure why it captivated me now, I’ve known the rules since I was a wee lad, and even played it a couple of times in middle school before class (mostly trying to Scholar’s mate people — I read some book that called it ‘blitzkreig’ and made it sound like the best attack). In any event, sometime in┬áMarch I started playing in earnest, and boy was I terrible.

I started rated about as low as get gets, and March was basically flat for me. As you can see, eventually there would be some progress.

I’ll begin to cover what I’ve been up to so far, what I’m doing now, as well as some miscellaneous stuff, perhaps game review, etc. in future posts.

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