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Was in the Bay Area all week, not much time for reading, but still found a few good links:

  • WCI on evaluating a whole life policy: A great primer for understanding how life insurance works, has a walk-through of looking at the financial pieces (key: unbundling the bundle that is whole-life — impossible to look at the economics otherwise [just how the salesman wants it]), and gets into some relatively simple RATE and FV calculations that everybody should be able to do.

Financial Malpractice

Let’s step back for a second and think about what this insurance agent did. This agent took a 28 year old physician and sold her a whole life policy.

I have somehow managed to build a fairly successful practice and I’m not pushing hard to turn it into a billion dollar firm.

  • Ben Carlson on Good Questions and Great Questions: Hugely applicable to every area of life, not just finance. I often find myself rephrasing questions to clients before I answer because answering a good question can lead down a rabbit hole, while answering a great question is much more likely to start down a path toward peace of mind.

Good Question: How do I get rich?

Great Question: What does a rich life look like to me?

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