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Short and pithy is the theme this week.

“If there is a constant leitmotif in the papal discourse, it is the notion of the dangers of ‘unbridled capitalism’ and the demand that it should serve ‘men and not profit.'”

What protection teaches us, is to do to ourselves in time of peace what enemies seek to do to us in time of war.

As an aside, this is one reason why I am not nearly as hard on the UK for the Brexit vote as most of the economists whose views I agree with. From a fundamental point of view, either an independent UK and EU will come to trade terms which are mutually beneficial, in which case it is hard to see big long-term losses to the UK, or the EU is simply a bigger vehicle for protectionism and the UK didn’t make a big mistake by jumping ship. Obviously there are other factors and middle grounds at play.

Gold: It’s Still a Pet Rock

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