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  • Measurements of ‘hot hand’ effects or lack thereof are always interesting, this time, golf.

Our results seem to agree with most of the related work on hot hand effects in basketball, golf, and other sports; namely that it does not exist over the course of a season. We do, however, see that golfers may get hot in a tournament and go on what is commonly referred to in the golf parlance as a “birdie barrage”.

when asked by the pollsters what they had eaten in the last 24 hours, 60% of the self-described “vegetarians” admitted that that had consumed red meat, poultry or fish the previous day

bearded men were considered better-looking (not to mention more masculine, mature, dominant, self-confident, courageous, liberal, nonconforming, industrious, and older)

Do you see it as your duty to expose scientific bullshit?

On reflection, no—because if I have such a duty, then presumably my colleagues do too, but I wouldn’t want to impose such a duty on my colleagues!

  • A throwback link to a 2012 post from Tom Brakke – no doubt he tapped into the zeitgeist with his blog about cash and the changing tides of how we view it in the context of portfolios.

To limit a manager’s use of cash is to fail to understand the nature of the decision-making process. In any case, if a manager generates good returns with a load of cash that seems heavier than it should be, who cares? The presence of that cash may be one of the key reasons for the outperformance.


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