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Kevin Erdmann on a frequent naivete of the (often very well educated) public on how markets work.

A study on “multiplex relationships”, i.e., friendships with co-workers. Based on my own experience, it seems like multiplex relationships are an ideal, and the study found that more multiplex relationships correlated with better job performance.

538 with a fun story on how science “facts” that turn out to be wrong for one reason or another can pervade the literature for long amounts of time. I’m pretty well known at work and in my friend circles for being skeptical of common knowledge, trivia, and statistics that don’t have a source. I like to see a receipt.

Timothy Taylor drops one of my favorite one liners of the year in a piece about correlation and causation:

But of course, if you take any two patterns that show a long-term trend, they will be either positively or negatively correlated with each other.


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