Jack’s Links

First two things I don’t like:
A post on variable universal life, actually gives a more balanced review than most, but commits the cardinal sin of not comparing like options. If someone is going to run an analysis and give a VUL policy the benefit of using the loan feature (which they all do), then the taxable account should also be able to have a loan taken against it (i.e., a margin loan), which is in many senses the exact same thing.

The generally very good Charles Sizemore on 401k contributions: someday people will stop conflating tax-deferral with tax savings, but I imagine I won’t see it.

And two things I do:

Paper out of Chicago & Northwestern that looks at differences between experts and laymen when it comes to economic issues. Really interesting analysis throughout of reasons why there may be diverging opinions even when there is agreement on the facts.

WSJ on the effects of increasing overtime eligible workers.¬†The offset effect (lower base wages) makes intuitive sense, and the question of whether the purpose is to employ more people or “put more money in pockets” is a good one.

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