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It’s been a month, but here are the links. Try not to panic tomorrow if things are kinda downish.

Free > Paid when paid doesn’t adapt.

A dozen things: Charlie Munger

Bason Asset dropping the best statistic of the weekend. 46 times.

See if you can spot all of the terrible logic errors in this article about social security. If you can make it through without saying “that’s not how that works” to yourself at least three times, you need to try again.

WCI with a good post on whether you should buy whole life insurance. And asset location. And bonds. Okay I’m going pretty far back on these, but great posts.

Rate cuts? QE IV? I don’t know – been seeing some smart people get confused on this lately.

Give the people what they want.

This pope is extremely confused and confusing. He makes me very uncomfortable.

Good 538 article on dating. Probably applicable to other stuff.


  • The simple pattern: People who display a certain trait prefer other people who display that trait; people who don’t prefer people who don’t.
  • The subtler pattern: Everyone prefers people with a certain trait, but people who have the trait themselves display a stronger preference for other people with that trait.

Somehow poisoning the horns of rhinos doesn’t feel like the easiest answer.

Rent control always seems to have the same result. v. Stockholm


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