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I have no idea when people will stop saying that rates are being [insert devious sounding adverb-ly depressed], but if they read this post they might stop sooner.

Interesting article about the hot-hand. I don’t┬áreally get it.

I was incredibly confused by the Greek referendum -> austerity measures, the vote was some sort of political theater?

Bernie Sanders is the left’s Ron Paul.

Interesting dissection of dueling editorials.

Why people who pick fund managers based off of track record are probably wasting their time.

(near) Octogenarians say some things I don’t think they would have said 20 years before – reminiscent of Jack Bogle railing against foreign stocks a few months (years?) ago.

A dozen things – VC – Sam Altman

Wade Pfau on whether it makes sense to pay a financial advisor.

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